Chris ML stóll

Hannað af Paolo Cattelan

fyrir Cattelan Italia
Nubuck - Micro nubuck
Soft leður
Glove leður
*uppfærsla í Shell saum á baki
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Chris is a family of modern chairs with a wide and roundish back. Together with Chris, a chair with a smooth backrest, this range of seats includes Chrishell, a version that further emphazises the shell shaped back with a quilting on the back, hence the name. Both of these upholstered dining chairs have either wooden legs, whose natural wood grains stand out, or steel legs, for a more slender and brighter look. These latter, the Chris ML and Chrishell ML models, have the advantage of being more easily handled and suitable for workspace design projects.
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Paolo Cattelan