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The Full Moon Floor Lamp is simplistic, modest and soft in its form. We wanted to create an object that expressed mellow moods and relaxed vibes. Made up of only three components, the lamp has a heavy black marble base with a long brushed brass stem and frosted glass bulbs. The Tri-bulb design is as bold as it is refined. The power of three lunar lights creates a soothing ambience within your space.


Vörunúmer: pop-300-450-077

pols potten studio

Many new items are designed in our very own pols potten studio led by Jan Wolleswinkel. Surely we love to collaborate with Dutch designers and craftsmen from all over the globe. We find them, they find us. Joint projects develop if there’s a click and a shared sense of humour. Every season pols potten studio creates cohesion within a new kaleidoscopic collection.

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