Projecteur gólflampi

Hannað af Le Corbusier

fyrir Nemo
h43sm Ø37sm / night blue
white sand
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The Projecteur of Le Corbusier was designed for the Chandigarh High Court, India, in 1954. Aluminium body painted in night blue, white sand or moka. Diffuser glass curved and sandblasted in the inner part. Painted body, base and canopies. Screws and small metal parts black chromed. Available in the floor, wall/ceiling and pendant versions. The wall/ceiling and pendant lamps are available also in the outdoor version (IP54). AWARDS: Wallpaper Design Award 2013 - Best Reissues
Vörunúmer: nem-projflosp

Le Corbusier

le-corbusier-9376609-1-402.jpg“Our eyes are made to see forms in light; light and shade reveal these forms; cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders or pyramids are the great primary forms which light reveals to advantage; the image of these is distinct and tangible within us without ambiguity. It is for this reason that these are beautiful forms, the most beautiful forms”.

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