Broche ljós

Hannað af Eric De Dormael

fyrir DCW
M - 133 x 103 x 26
L - 180 x 150 x 36
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Long-time admirers of the work of Éric de Dormaël, we were always delighted to work together on some special upscale projects. But this year, we are also going to edit some of his work that we consider so unique and very special indeed. These " sculpture lights ", characterised by their fluidity, their ethereality, their form and their transparency, are all about the subtle interplay of light and shadow. The reflections, shimmers, patterns and vibrations they create dance off the walls. Éric de Dormaël’s creations bring forth images, they leave impressions and they provoke sensations. TECHNICAL INFORMATIONS Dimensions Broche M (Lx D x H in cm) : 133 x 103 x 26 Broche L (L x D x H en cm) : 180 x 150 x 36 Materials Natural brushed brass Electricity CLI - Integrated LED 70W, 2700K, driver dimmable TRIAC (DALI on request)
Vörunúmer: dcw-brosp

Eric De Dormael

thumb2_32544476-8838-4a9b-abf1-3ae8ca233a17.jpgEric de Dormael began by creating exceptional limited-edition luminaries, gradually concentrating on unique pieces that have become veritable light sculptures. The act of drawing and the pure line is of utmost importance for Dormael. The architectural structure is fundamental to his work. Brass, a noble and pliable material, along with plaster or bronze enable him to make light and shadow meet. Light, poetic and glistening, his works are both material and immaterial.

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