Katana ljós

Hannað af Giorgio Cattelan

fyrir Cattelan Italia
152sm Up / Titanium
152sm Down / Titanium
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Katana is a modern ceiling lamp with a disruptive look, created by Giorgio Cattelan. Despite its unique shape, it is a delicate and minimal decoration. It is perfect for completing an eccentric and contemporary living room. With its simplicity and modularity, this designer ceiling lamp gives rise to several compositions, expressing your personal style. It is produced in 2 versions: Katana and Katana Magnum.The second is equally long but larger, as the name suggests. Both variants are divided into UP and DOWN versions, depending on the direction in which the arc is facing. What makes this modern lamp highly customisable is the opportunity to create arrangements by combining all available versions into one striking and ultra-contemporary chandelier. Ceiling lamp in titanium (GFM11) embossed lacquered steel frame. Ceiling plate in titanium (GFM11) embossed lacquered steel. Led lights. Optional: remote control and receiver.
Vörunúmer: cat-katsp

Giorgio Cattelan

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