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Hannað af Seppo Koho

fyrir Secto Design
Ø45sm h39sm / Nature
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Material Formpressed birch slats Sizes Height 39 cm Diameter Ø 45 cm Weight 1,0 kg Package 49 × 49 × 48 cm, 2,5 kg Light source E27 base, LED max 20 W. Comes with a LED bulb (Airam Pro LED, E27, 12 W, 1060 lumen, 3000 K, pure white, dimmable, may vary). The use of special bulbs such as halogen, mirror or 12 V bulbs in Secto Design lamps is prohibited, due to overheating. DALI Attachable to DALI systems with a separate DALI-compatible trailing edge (phase cut off) type dimmer. Due to great variation in DALI systems, Secto Design does not supply DALI-dimmers. Please contact your local electrician. Cable 150 cm, textile cable, ceiling plug/connector, ceiling cup Classification Ingress Protection IP20 IEC Protection Class II CE marking Maintenance Wipe dust regularly. To remove fresh stains wipe with a slightly moist cloth.
Vörunúmer: sec-4251sp

Seppo Koho

_MG_9004_netti.jpgSeppo Koho (b. 1967) is a Finnish architect who has studied at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and at the Tampere University of Technology. Seppo Koho is the designer behind Secto Design lamps.

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