Cabaré hliðarborð

Hannað af Flexform

fyrir Flexform
Ø56sm h53sm / Askur
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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As elegant as it is functional, Cabaré is a side table that fits serenely alongside any of the seating options in the Flexform collection. It has a sophisticated round solid-wood structure – in Canaletto walnut or ash, available in an array of finishes – and two stacked tops in cowhide-clad metal – the lower one can serve as a handy place for books or magazines. The upper top also comes with a removable tray, from which the Cabaré side table derives its name. The metal tray comes in satin, chrome, burnished, black chrome or champagne finish, making Cabaré an authentic multipurpose piece.
Vörunúmer: flx-cabsp



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