Noor hliðarborð

Hannað af Christophe Delcourt

fyrir Minotti
40,5x36sm h45sm / Glossy platinum
Glossy bronze
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The sculptural shape of the Noor coffee table is grounded in the choice of a material with the plasticity of ceramics. It is made using an ancient, hand-crafted technique that lends each piece a unique personality. Two truncated cones merge into a single, unique shape to form a coffee table whose iconic personality is further underscored by the selection of two metal finishes: Bronze and Platinum. These finishes require that the ceramic piece undergo an additional firing after vitrification to bond the metal to the glaze. The Noor coffee table is an exquisite object that radiates charm; one that, with its refined luster, brings a touch of sophisticated extravagance to any room.
Vörunúmer: min-noorsp

Christophe Delcourt


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