November hægindastóll

Hannað af Dennis Marquart

fyrir Ox Denmarq
b76sm d71sm h88sm / svört grind / leður
burstuð stálgrind / leður
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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MEASURES H 88 cm B 76 cm D 71 cm MATERIAL Leather is handmade by skilled craftsmen using 100 % vegetable tanned aniline leather with a general thickness of 3 mm or more. Natural imperfections on leather surface must be accepted. With time, light and use, the leather will gain depth and lustre as it ages. Due to the highly artisan process used and variation in the natural raw material, leather can vary quite significantly in colour between production batches. The Frame is made from stainless steel or powder coated steel. Protective plastic feet must be fixed underneath the legs of the chair.
Vörunúmer: ox-novsp

Dennis Marquart