Sinus skemill

Hannað af Reinhold Adolf & Hans-Jurgen Schropfer

fyrir COR
Lökkuð grind / Áklæðisflokkur 50
Leðurflokkur 100
Leðurflokkur 200
Krómuð grind / Áklæðisflokkur 50
Leðurflokkur 100
Leðurflokkur 200
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Sinus is a modern classic from 1976 which was already ahead of its time when it was first launched. With rocking spring steel skids whose shape give the chair its name, as well as unusual upholstery. The round seat and back upholstery elements are held in place by leather straps. In 2004 it was brought back into the collection to mark COR's 50th anniversary. Sinus effortlessly embodies the timeless yet innovative design of COR while making it clear that hefty wingbacks are not necessary to ensure extreme comfort. Sinus appears to be weightless as it rocks lightly. And anyone who has come to rest on the distinctive upholstery will never want to give up this favourite chair again.

Sinus – Bæklingur.pdf

Vörunúmer: cor-231sp

Reinhold Adolf & Hans-Jurgen Schropfer


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