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Hannað af Mario Ruiz

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High - 93x46sm h91sm / 2 hurðir / Eik
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High - 93x46sm h108sm / 2 hurðir / Eik
Bæsuð eik
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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A collection of sideboards, chests of drawers and TV benches, winner of the Red Dot 2015 Award, with a singular aluminium finish on the top surface. A piece of furniture leaning on a plinth, on adjustable feet or hanging from optional wall-fixing devices. The door elements include a height-adjustable shelf. Optional cable outlets.
Vörunúmer: pun-stockhighsp

Mario Ruiz

mario_ruiz.jpgAt his Studio located in Barcelona, Mario Ruiz works on design projects demanded by internationally known companies in different fields such as technologies, furniture, lighting, office and applied graphic. He also collaborates on interior and architectural projects. His professional career is based on a solid multi-disciplinal experience due to the different nature of the customers, involved in projects with American, Spanish, Italian and Scandinavian companies. His designs transmit his interest in “design in few words: who says a lot with very little”. His work has been recognized with more than 40 international awards, among them several IF awards, Red Dot, Design Plus, Wallpaper awards 08 and Neocon awards 08.

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