Velvet hilla

Hannað af Cecilie Kamp

fyrir Kristensen & Kristensen
Gegnheill askur / 160x45sm h52sm / 2 hil
h78sm / 3 hillur
h104sm / 4 hillur
180x45sm h52sm / 2 hillur
h78sm / 3 hillur
h104sm / 4 hillur
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Vörunúmer: krk-velhillsp

Cecilie Kamp

Cecilie Kamp were educated as a furniture architect in 2014 from Aarhus Architectural School, here her love of wood became the focal point during her studies. At Kristensen & Kristensen, Cecilie works closely with the professionals at the factory to develop both aesthetically and functionally strong products of high quality. Cecilie Kamp is the designer of ranges like Velvet, Monogram, Urban, Urban Flex and concept- and product developer behind all Kristensen & Kristensen collaborative ranges like Elegant, ZET, WoodStory and Timber. — CECILIE KAMP Furniture architect

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