Belt Dining armstóll

Hannað af Rodolfo Dordoni

fyrir Minotti
64x60sm h83sm / Áklæði F / Álfætur
Áklæði G / Álfætur
Áklæði H / Álfætur
Leður / Álfætur
64x60sm h83sm / Áklæði F / Tréfætur
Áklæði G / Tréfætur
Áklæði H / Tréfætur
Leður / Tréfætur
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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The distinctive characteristic and inspiration behind the Belt family, designed in the all-fabric or leather versions, is the idea of a belt that draws the profile of the body, encircling it, then breaking off and fastening on the front of the seat. In particular, in the leather version, the strip is sewn onto a piece of bonded leather to lend support and ensure a consistent thickness: it is applied to the covering as a belt is applied to a dress and an ultra-sophisticated crafting process is required to follow the curved shape of the seat and keep the visible seams perfectly straight and even. With its classic shape, the foam body designs a shell-like, enveloping backrest that welcomes and protects. The seat rests on a die-cast aluminium base with a polished Brandy-coloured anti-touch varnished finish, which enhances the armchair and, in its leather version, recalls the metal finishes of exquisite leather bags. The family consists of a sofa, an armchair, a bergère with footstool, a smaller lounge armchair, and a dining little armchair also available with legs in Dark Brown stained Canaletto walnut or lacquered open-pore Black ash.
Vörunúmer: min-beltdinsp

Rodolfo Dordoni

Dordoni.jpgArkitektinn Rodolfo Dordoni fæddist í Milano þar sem hann lauk námi í arkitektúr 1979 frá hinum virta skóla Milan Polytechnic. Hann hefur mikla reynslu í bæði vöruhönnun, listrænni stjórnun fyrir mörg af leiðandi Ítölsk hönnunarframleiðendur þar má nefna Minotti, Arper, Capellini og Artemide.

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