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Hannað af Seppo Koho

fyrir Secto Design
Ø 34x21sm / Nature
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Secto Design lamp shades are handmade entirely in Finland of PEFC-certified Finnish birch by highly skilled craftsmen. The shades are made of laminated birch slats connected by rings of aircraft plywood. Dimension: h. 21sm, Ø 34sm Bulb (EU): 4-Pin 2D Butterfly Compact Fluorescent 16 W, tone 827. The bulb is included with the lamp. The cable used for pendant lamps is heat-resistant. The cable length is 150 cm. Black pendants have a black cable and a black ceiling cup. Birch, white and walnut pendants have a white cable and a white ceiling cup. Almennt til á lager í eftirfarandi áferðum: - Svart

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Vörunúmer: sec-5000sp

Seppo Koho

_MG_9004_netti.jpgSeppo Koho (b. 1967) is a Finnish architect who has studied at the University of Industrial Arts in Helsinki and at the Tampere University of Technology. Seppo Koho is the designer behind Secto Design lamps.

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