NL12 ljós

Hannað af Sebastian Summa

fyrir DCW
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Between eloquent laconism and sophisticated brutalism, illuminated like an electro-constructivist Kraftwerk clip, the collaboration between DCW Éditions and Sebastian Summa has been expanded with a new ceiling benchmark : the magnificent NL12 suspension. Designed to illuminate a large dining room table, this light cleverly fitted with an eye-deceiving device, is composed of twelve borosilicate glass tubes. Only one of these tubes functions as a central unit and is a light source, the other tubes relaying its diffusion by refraction and prism. With no visible wire, no visible LEDs and no visible aluminium structure, the NL 12 evokes a celestial beam that is both radical and poetic. Wielding his aesthetic prowess, Sebastian Summa conceived, to hang it from the ceiling, a pair of brackets similar to gymnastics clamps designed to balance the bundle of tubes perfectly. This fixed piece of equipment adds a post-industrial athletic touch to the set and indicates an obviously artisanal tour de force.
Vörunúmer: dcw-nl12sp

Sebastian Summa

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