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fyrir New Works
Ø70sm h15sm - White
Ø90sm h15sm - White
Ø120sm h15sm - White
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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Stretching to over one metre in length, the Tense pendant lamp appears like a soft cloud has floated in. A truly modern construction, its soft Tyvek diffuser represents a material both durable and soft – whilst being 100% recyclable. The flexibility of this paper-like diffuser allows its slim frame to accentuate the cloud like qualities of the Tense pendant lamp. Finished with a slimline LED light source, all components fit into a slim box for ease of transport. A truly modern approach to lighting. Designer Panter & Tourron Dimensions H 150 x W 1100 x D 1200 mm Materials Shade in Tyvek membrane (100% recyclable) thightened up with carbon rods, cord in black PVC and dimmable LED light source. Canopy Ø: 195 x H: 50 mm (holds driver and excess cord) Cord Black PVC cord, L: 5000 mm, Ø: 4 mm
Vörunúmer: new-tensesp

Panter & Tourron

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