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Hannað af Sergio Bicego

fyrir Saba
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Delightfully pretty, the Amélie tub chair conjures up visions of French haute couture. The inner curves have been deliberately emphasised by a clever hand-quilted patterning effect. Compact yet with a strong appeal, Amélie would be an attractive addition to any space where seating is required. Customers can choose to order the quilted stitching in a contrasting colour, offering endless possibilities to suit personal choice. Tone-on-tone for Amélie: the latest hues give prominence to its graceful lines. Also available with a swivel base, fully removable covers.
Vörunúmer: sab-amesp

Sergio Bicego

Sergio Bicego, born in 1953, is an Italian designer who mainly collaborates with the Paduan company Saba Italia, specialized in the production of seating and upholstered furniture. After abandoning classical studies, in 2001 he opened his own design studio in Vicenza. After a few years he met Amelia Pegorin, who had been running an upholstery workshop with her husband since 1987: after a few years that workshop became Saba Italia, with which Bicego produced the My Taos sofa, still on sale today. Many of his creations have become design icons, such as the New York collection, and the Pixel modular sofa system, re-proposed in 2020 as Pixel Light, also in an outdoor edition.

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