Loud barskápur

60x39sm h99sm, mirror
smoked oak
Afhendingartími: 8-12 vikur

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With a name like Loud, you’d expect this elegant cabinet to scream for attention, but it barely even whispers. Loud is a cool bystander, waiting to be noticed. Although stylish and suave, Loud is an expression of simplicity that takes minimalism to a higher level. The cabinet is designed without embellishments and crafted with smooth contours. Loud’s interior has all the hallmarks of a classic drinks trolley.  The interior is fitted with a shelf to hold glassware, making space for cocktail ingredients to be stored underneath. The inner surfaces are bordered by metal edges that stop items from sliding, while metal holders inside each door keep bottles upright. Loud is happy to stand in the side-lines, or roll into the spotlight and show off its stunning design.
Vörunúmer: nl-loudsp
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